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Due, to the meadows of the soft drops on the leaf and flowers also looking stunning and glittering like pearls. The Railway coolies were moving here and there.

Add to all this variety of interesting sights the great cities and other places of historic interest that are sure to lie along the course of the railroad, and it will be evident that there is plenty of occupation for eye and mind in a railway journey.

The earth seemed to be moving round. One of our friends there received us at the station and he took us to his home being very tired, we had a good meal and went to bed immediately. Some of the travelers were rude, others were polite. Sometimes the best route gives the best experience in the life, and sometimes it becomes very dangerous in the life.

There are few travelers who do not experience a feeling of satisfaction when their trains begin to slacken speed, and they know that they are approaching their destination.

My coolie managed to enter through a window and put our luggage on a seat. We shall never forget this journey. The leaping of waters on the banks could be heard from a distance.

We passed through many states. He introduced himself to the audience with a short speech and then started advertising his goods. We reached home in a rickshaw. I felt joy seeing hills.

A Memorable Journey by Train – Short English Essay

Besides the actual passengers, the station is also crowded with those who have come to see their friends off. It reached the station at Khurda-Road. Learn English Grammer Even more interesting than the study of the different characters of my fellowpassengers was the variety of the scenery through which the train passed.

I was surprised to find that there were six men in the compartment without tickets. People of all types were there. It is when such obstacles as a range of mountains or a great river have to be encountered, that the railway passengers see from their carriage windows the most impressive examples of the triumph of the modern engineer over nature.

We had to catch the Howrah Puri Express Train.

Short Paragraph on A Journey by Train

I tried to read some pages of the book that I had bought. People were running up and down to get a seat. Then the train began running through the green field of the rural areas.

Within a short while the beautiful station at Cuttack lay far behind.

Essay on your Journey by Train

Our train passed through many tunnels. In another 5 minutes, the guard blew his whistle and waved off the green flag. I had many of things from the windows.

Have you read these. People of all casters and creeds were seen there.

Short Essay on a Memorable Train Journey

Essay on A Journey by Train ( to words) The other day I received a letter from my cousin Hari from Ambala, inviting me to spend the Christmas holidays with him. I made up my mind to start by the Morning train on 24th of December.

essay on a journey by train words essay on 'a journey by train in words paragraph on my first train journey studymode words. A journey by train essay short - 24 7 Vacations - Content ResultsFerries · Check In · Flight Tracker · Train Schedules. Train journey | Short Paragraph on Railway Journey | Short Essay for Students.

by Sandeep | Posted on Sunday, July 30th, Train journey. In the life, almost people making the continuous journey. Sometimes the best route gives the best experience in the life, and sometimes it becomes very dangerous in the life. IAS Paper × ×. A short essay on A Journey by Train for class nursery ukg, lkg, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Travel by trail is an enjoyable experience for me.

10 Lines, words. Life is a continuous journey.

173 Words Essay for kids on a Railway Journey

Some journeys are short and some long. Some journeys are sweet and pleasant while some are sour. Some journeys are too memorable to be erased by the sands of time. I had one such experience. The memory of this journey continues to flicker, on and on, in my mind even [ ].

Short essay journey by train
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