Short essays on floods

But these dams sometimes become full to the brim. Thus epidemic attacks the people in flood affected area. That indeed is the human capital to build on. Many areas south of the river have been marshy and low-lying, serviced by small rivulets and canals.

What makes this a tragedy is that Tamil Nadu is drought prone and has an ongoing quarrel with neigbouring states for water. There is overflow of water on the banks in the river.

Floods are the most frequent and costly natural hazards, causing almost 90 percent of all the damage related to natural disasters. The flood also damages railway lines and makes the running of trains impossible. This chosen one by virtue ordinarily a male, is ordered to build a boat or vessel and carry aboard all species of plants and animals as well as his loved ones for his salvation.

It makes the land fertile and thus helps in the increase of food production. After the flood, it takes a long time for the wet land to get dried up. Thousands of people are being evacuated and rescued by army and paramilitary personnel.

Then they were forced to enter fire so that they were forced to seek no one but Allah. Some years ago, at seminars, wise men pontificated of the dangers of building the Mass Rapid Transit System on the Buckingham Canal, of constructions on the Pallikaranai marshlands and of locating the Information Technology corridor on a water body.

The rain water instead of being absorbed down through the tree roots flows on the surface. In other words, all our metropolitan cities have ignored watershed management and environmental planning to their own peril. It involves a huge expenditure which a developing country like India can ill afford.

During floods massive relief-work and operation are taken. In recent years, terrible floods have caused great loss to Assam, North Bengal and Bihar. In the absence of a proper National Policy for Urbanisation, our metropolitan cities are sitting ducks for all sorts of natural disasters.

That brings about plague, cholera and other dangerous diseases to those who somehow survive. Gilgamesh hears of Enkidu and sends a harlot enticing him to live with her. In the wake of these ravaging floods, now there is a danger of breaking out of epidemics. Finally the rivers in Chennai absorb this flow.

It sweeps away everything that comes in its way. Residents of Chennai have experienced real misery as every suburb and subway turned into waterways. Their belongings are washed away. Floods result in much havoc and vast scale destruction of life and property.

Short essay on Flood

The floods in Delhi on such a scale have surfaced again after 17 years, causing enormous damage to crops, life and property.

Gilgamesh becomes fearful of death questioning his mortality, no longer ambitious for fame, instead concerned with finding immortality, sets out in pursuit of the secret for eternal life seeking Utnapishtim, survivor of the flood who was granted eternal life by the gods.

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But high flood is harmful. All the rivers of these states are flowing much higher above their danger marks. He is told to build a vessel and embark along with his wife, Phyrra.

Social forestry and forestation on vast scale be taken and encouraged to check the overflowing of rivers.

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Preventive Measures It is possible to check the frequent visits of floods. When the rainfall is heavy, rivers, streams and other channels cannot contain all the rain-water in their beds.

Wall, O wall, hearken reed-house, wall reflect; O man of Shurrupak, son of Ubara-Tutu; tear down your house and build a boat, abandon possessions and look for life, despise worldly goods and save your soul alive.

Short Essay on Flood

Still we never welcome a flood in a terrible form. After many ordeals, Gilgamesh finally reaches Utnapishtim. Write a Essay on Flood - Essay for School Students There are certain areas, especially in Bengal and Assam, where frequent floods appear due to the overflow of the rivers, such as the Brahmaputra or the Ganga.

Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies, notes, reviews, advises and allied. Essay on Flood. Article shared by. What it is. Some notable floods. Floods are common to all countries. Floods occur every year in some parts of India.

Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge. ADVERTISEMENTS: Here is an essay on the ‘Chennai Flash Floods’ for class 8, 9, 10, 11 and Find paragraphs, long and short essays on ‘Chennai Flash Floods.

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Floods can also occur in rivers when the flow rate exceeds the capacity of the river channel, particularly at bends or meanders in the waterway. Floods often cause damage to homes and businesses if they are in the natural flood plains of rivers.

Short essays on floods
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